NOIR FATALE Edited by Larry Correia & Kacey Ezell

BAEN Books loves themed Science Fiction and Fantasy anthologies and Noir Fatale edited by Correia and Ezell is their latest offering. Each story features a beautiful, troubled woman entangled in a dark web of danger and deceit. Noir Fatale includes an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter tale called “Sweet Seduction.” My favorite stories are “Recruiting Exercise” by David Weber and “A Goddess in Red” by Griffin Barber. Weber’s futuristic tale centers around an assassination and an innocent bystander who happens to be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time. Griffin Barber, a writer I wasn’t familiar with, introduces the reader to Madame Sunderhaven, a practiced master of the Art of Necromancy. Sunderhaven and a thief plan a scheme to steal a valuable artifact from a heavily guarded and warded burial crypt. I love capers so I found “A Goddess in Red” very enjoyable.

Noir Fatale, with its variety of stories, settings, and characters offers something for just about every reading taste. Perfect escapist Summer Reading! I’m guessing that in a year we’ll be seeing Noir Fatale 2 from BAEN Books. GRADE: B
Dedication v
Acknowledgements vii
Editor’s Introduction: Kacey Ezell xi
Editor’s Introduction: Larry Correia xv
AIN’T NO SUNSHINE: Christopher L. Smith and Michael J. Ferguson 1
SPOILS OF WAR: Kacey Ezell 47
A GODDESS IN RED: Griffin Barber 91
KURO: Hinkley Correia 107
SWEET SEDUCTION: Laurell K. Hamilton 127
A STRING OF PEARLS: Alistair Kimble 155
HONEY FALL: Sarah A. Hoyt 177
THREE KATES: Mike Massa 199
WORTH THE SCARS OF DYING: Patrick M. Tracy 229
THE FROST QUEEN: Robert Buettner 255
BOMBSHELL: Larry Correia 277
About the Authors 307

22 thoughts on “NOIR FATALE Edited by Larry Correia & Kacey Ezell

  1. wolf

    The name sounded familiar – and now I realised:
    He was founder of the Sad Puppy movement that wanted to conquer the Hugos!
    His wiki isn’t showing what really went on. I followed the wohle story on George R R Martin’s website e g – crazy.
    So I wouldn’t touch anything by him …*

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I haven’t read any of the authors, but might give it a try. Jackie used to read the Anita Blake series, but they got kinkier and kinkier with Blake having multiple affairs not only with a vampire but other “shifters” to the extent that Jackie was totally grossed out.

  3. Deb

    I remember all the “sad puppy”/Hugo Awards mess of a few years ago: a nascent element of the casual and cruel misogyny that is now a de facto part of our daily politics. If Correia was part of the group that tried to manipulate the Hugo’s because “too many women” (or any women at all) were getting nominated, no one should spend a cent for this book!

  4. Patti Abbott

    I am not familiar with any of these writers. I think they come from fantasy and science fiction probably.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, I’m not entirely familiar with Correia’s HUGO AWARDS antics. But don’t pay much attention to literary awards anymore. There are too many awards and too much hoopla/marketing in publishing today. The greatest reward to a true writer is…readers!

      1. Todd Mason

        Basically, the Sad Puppies played ball with the Rabid Puppies, who are the major expression of the Alt Right in SF. Overlap with GamerGate and Men’s Rights [sic] Advocacy.

        Being a collaborator with neofascists and similar jackasses has left me with very little interest in his art. I don’t trust his judgement nor his perceptive ability.

      2. george Post author

        Todd, I remember reading in LOCUS that the Hugo Awards were marred by political schemes. Whatever happened to quality SF?

      3. Todd Mason

        Well, every popularity poll has all kinds of problems. The Tea Puppies, as I tend to refer to them collectively, were sulking because left-leaning (culturally as much or more than politically) writers were tending to win. Good stuff is always being published.

      4. george Post author

        Todd, Good Stuff is always in short supply. There’s plenty of “average” SF writing…and “Below Average.”

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