If you had to create a sneaker to represent your state, what would it look like? That’s the question Adidas and fashion web site Refinery29 posed to several artists earlier this month. The artists used local flags, flora and fauna, and food for inspiration for their creations. The sneakers were auctioned off to reason money for Women Win, a charity that promotes female empowerment through sports. This pizza sneaker–representing New Jersey–was crafted by Jen Mussari.

8 thoughts on “PIZZA SNEAKERS

  1. mary mason

    This was fun. I thought Calif, Ind, KY, and SD were the most easily recognizable to me. Michigan’s was something to do with icy water, not what I would have done. I liked many of them for their colors, but not Wisc,’s yellow, which had something like a ritz cracker attached). MD was fun as were some others. I was disappointed that clicking on the individual shoes didn’t bring up a larger and full image of it, though.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I can see you wearing those, George.

    New York? How about Statue of Liberty, like on the license plate they (stupidly) changed? Or the Empire State Building? Or the Yankees? Blue and white pinstripes. Works for me.

  3. wolf

    Those bloody Germans get ideas!
    Adidas is a German company – just like Puma. Do you have them also in the USA?

    Rather OT:

    Adidas and Puma were founded by two brothers Dassler) who had become business enemies, the companies are still fighting each other – and Nike of course!


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