RESUME SPEED By Lawrence Block

Lawrence Block’s Resume Speed was published by Subterranean Press back in 2016 but I only got around to reading it now. A man who calls himself “William Thompson” gets on a bus in ¬†Galbraith, North Dakota and heads for Spokane, Washington. But when his bus stops in Cross Creek, Montana Thompson notices a HELP WANTED sign outside a diner. Thompson applies for the job and gets it. Lawrence Block carefully records Thompson’s steps in settling in to the community. Thompson gets a library card and ends up sleeping with the librarian. After a few months, Thompson has enough money to buy a used car. Life is good. But…Thompson’s past is always close behind which is why Thompson has to guzzle whiskey each night to chase his demons away. If you’re in the mood for a stark tale of naturalism, give Resume Speed a try. Are you a fan of Lawrence Block’s work? GRADE: B

6 thoughts on “RESUME SPEED By Lawrence Block

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    I like Block’s Matthew Scudder books and his Hitman series. I don’t much care for his Burglar series or his standalones. He has also written a lot of well crafted short stories.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I know Rick’s answer – no.

    But yes, I am definitely a Block fan. Surprisingly, perhaps, I haven’t read all of the Scudder books but I have read most, plus the Evan Tanners (up to the last couple), the Bernie Rhodenbarrs, the Kellers, the various short story collections, the stand alones, even some of the early semi-porn stuff he wrote with Donald Westlake, as well as various other pseudonymous stuff. I think B is fair for this one. It’s very readable as always, without being compelling in the way his best stuff can be. I also liked his early books set in the Village in the early 1960s.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, Lawrence Block has a Buffalo connection so I’m always ready to read his stuff. Block also lived in NYC (and places a lot of his novels there). I enjoy the range of Block’s work.


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