RIVERS OF LONDON By Ben Aaronovitch

The marketing for Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London urban fantasy series says to imagine if Harry Potter grew up and joined the London Police. Fair enough. The Harry Potter character in Aaronovitch’s books is a young man named Peter Grant. Grant is a tyro Policeman who sees a ghost while guarding a crime scene (a man has been decapitated). The ghost talks with Grant and supplies some information about the crime that later leads Grant to enter into an apprenticeship with a Metropolitan Police Detective, Thomas Nightingale, who specializes in supernatural crime cases. Together, Grant and Nightingale investigate a series of murders that have links to the distant past.

Rivers of London takes the reader on a rollicking joy-ride around the City of London and the suburbs. Vampire eradication, mystical creatures, and the politics of the gods (and goddesses) of the Rivers of London all contribute to the involving mystery. If you’re looking for a satisfying Young Adult novel, Rivers of London will provide a fun adventure. I’ll be reading more of these engaging fantasy novels in the months ahead. GRADE: B

Rivers of London series:

Rivers of London (known as Midnight Riot in the US) (2011)[11] ISBN 9781782761877

Moon Over Soho (2011) ISBN 9780345524591

Whispers Under Ground (2012) ISBN 9780345524614

Broken Homes (2013) ISBN 9780575132467

Foxglove Summer (2014) ISBN 9780575132504

The Hanging Tree (3 November 2016)[12] ISBN 9780575132559

The Furthest Station (28 September 2017) ISBN 9781473222427—novella, set between Foxglove Summer and The Hanging Tree[13]

Lies Sleeping (6 November 2018)[14] ISBN 9781473207813

The October Man (novella) (31 May 2019) – novella, set after Lies Sleeping in Germany, with Tobias Winter as the main character[15]

False Value (20 February 2020) ISBN 9781473207851 (Hardback); ISBN 9781473207868 (Export Trade Paperback); ISBN 9781473207882 (eBook)

14 thoughts on “RIVERS OF LONDON By Ben Aaronovitch

  1. wolf

    Ghosts and goddesses in London???

    Having been there more than 80 times – often just for a weekend to buy SF books and visit the markets I think there are enough interesting, mysterious and crazy people there, you don’t need ghosts.
    But as you probably know I’m no fan of this kind of fantasy – too naive for me.
    Anyway, enjoy!

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve read the first four of these so far. Wolf, some of the goddesses are the rivers themselves. They are fun in the right mood.

  3. Rick Robinson

    While I would hardly have described the book as “a rollicking joy-ride around the City of London and the suburbs”, I did enjoy it, and recommend it. I’d give it a slightly higher grade than you, and I think you overstated the fantasy aspect somewhat. I read the first three, and will read more. I particularly like the Nightingale character.

  4. Jeff Smith

    Ann read the first one, and said, “I liked it, but I didn’t love it.” By the third one, she loved the series. She’s almost caught up, now.

    1. george Post author

      Scott, I’ve heard that the audio book versions of the RIVERS OF LONDON series are well done. I’m thinking of listening to one.

  5. Kent Morgan

    Picked up one of the series in Waterstone’s in London several years ago, but have never read it. Looked at it a number of times, but the fanatsy aspect turned me off.


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