23 thoughts on “RUTH BADER GINSBURG, R.I.P.

  1. Michael Padgett

    I can’t say it any better than Deb already has. As we approach the end of our democracy, let’s not forget to honor the giants like RBG who tried to keep it going.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Amazing woman. Amazing fortitude. But I can’t help but wish she had resigned from the court in 2012 when Obama could have gotten a new justice through. She was already ill at the time. And of course, McConnell is vowing to do just what he said Obama couldn’t do in 2016, rush an appt through. And since Trump has until January 20 with a Republican majority in the Senate, there is no stopping him. I see a theocracy in our future.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    The only part that’s wrong about what Patti said – the President changes (fingers crossed) January 20, but the new Congress comes in January 3. Lisa Murkowski has already said (before RBG died) that she (at least) isn’t a hypocrite, and won’t vote to confirm any new Justice before the election. There is some home that Susan Collins (who says she cares about Roe v. Wade, which Trump’s prospective nominee will surely strike down) and Mitt Romney will do the same. So we’ll see. But in the end, McConnell may well be able to shove it through like the incredible hypocrite he is. 269 days before an election was not enough to confirm a Justice, but apparently 46 days is.

    Well, if liberal and moderate women weren’t energized enough by this election before, they sure will be now.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    RBG was just one of the famous alumni of my high school, which also include:

    Bernie Sanders
    Chuck Schumer (a classmate of my brother Ken’s)
    Marty Glickman
    Carole King
    Chris Rock
    Andrew Dice Clay
    and, last but not least…Judge Judy!

  5. wolf

    In Europe also we are sad about her death, she was well known and really respected.
    Our media are already speculating on whether Trump and his honchos will manage to get a new SCOTUS – and many people are afraid.
    Anyway the image of the USA is so bad like it was never before. Just look at this:
    Sorry if I’ve linked to this already – sometimes I forget …

  6. Michael Padgett

    There are many things Republicans hope to get from a right wing court, all of them bad. But the holy grail remains the overturn of Roe V Wade, which is now looking more and more likely. Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but I think there’s a good possibility that if they succeed they could very well be like the dog who finally caught the car. Support for Roe is around 65-35, crossing party lines, and most voters are not going to be happy about its demise. And since they can’t throw out the justices, their only recourse will be to throw out the ones who put them there.

    1. george Post author

      Michael, I’m convinced the Russians are going to used the Supreme Court vacancy to fire up the evangelicals to help Trump and Republican Senators.

  7. Rick Robinson

    I am VERY upset. Ginsburg was a towering figure and I’m very sorry she has died. The GOP didn’t have the decency to even wait A SINGLE DAY before shouting about getting her replacement up for a Senate vote now, now, now. Mitch McConnell is a smirking greedy self-serving power monger serving a stumbling idiot President and they seem to want the country to return to about 1951 or so.

    I’m so sick of it: the politics, the Coronavirus, the wildfires and smoke, the hurricanes, the Wall and anti-immigration, the fear and riots, the anti-maskers and anti-vaccsers, the anti-science, the general stupidity and ignorance of about half of the U.S. population, otherwise known as the Trump base and GOP.

    Whence sanity? Whence common sense and compassion?

    I’ll go throw up again now.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, we’re living in a time of corruption and Power Politics. Trump and Moscow Mitch plan to play Hardball with the Supreme Court vacancy.

    2. wolf

      I’m so happy to have made my visits (more than 20) to the USA, its wonderful people, cities and nature some time ago. Of course I’d like to go again, but I realised long ago that at my age …
      Wish you all (and your country!) that you get through these hard times without too many problems!

  8. maggie mason

    I posted something at 2am, but either I didn’t hit post or word press didn’t post due to profanity.

    I began crying when I heard the news and didn’t stop for over an hour. Then I got mad when I heard that Moscow Mitch plans to put her replacement to a floor vote. I think he waited all of 1 or 2 minutes before announcing that. It certainly wasn’t respectful. Someone posted on facebook about 14 or so R senators from 2016 and their comments about how the newly elected president should be the one to nominate in an election year. So far, Collins, Murowski. Grassley & Romney are said to agree with this now. There’s a meme of graham when he asked someone to record him making the same comment. We’ll see how many other hypocrites show up and perhaps don’t do this. Moscow Mitch started the precedent by not allowing the Merrick Garland nomination to be voted on, nearly a YEAR before the election.

    Good news is so far ActBlue has received over $31million in contributions. I’ll be donating again to Mark Kelly. His election is a replacement one, and that means they won’t have to wait until inauguration day to seat him. I thought it could be done immediately, but was told it will probably be 11-30 at the earliest.

    I’ll also donate again to Amy McGrath. I’ve heard that she doesn’t seem to be doing that well, though. It’s vital we take back the senate, keep the house and oust
    a totally desicable being from the oval office (though I’d be happier if we could eject him from the planet, where actual humans live).

    If his bragging about sexually assaulting women, mocking the disabled, multiple bankruptcies (which aren’t a sign of a good businessman, especially when you learn of all the small businesses he stiffed in doing so), and of course down playing the corona virus to “avoid a panic” isn’t enough to make you stop supporting him, then hopefully you’re an anti-masker and will get the virus. Just don’t infect sane and caring people who are taking necessary precautions.

    If all IMPOTUS supporters would tattoo a big T on their forehead, it would make it easier for hospital personnel to avoid treating them (not that they would do so, but
    they should stop risking their lives treating the idiots)

  9. Rick Robinson

    The Gawps (my plural for GOP people) want to bring back Puritanism but with “benefits”, such being graft and corruption. By the time the election is over, or a new President is in office, the Gawps will have their new Justice in place.

  10. Todd Mason

    Power politics and corruption are the norm…McConnell and his stooge Trump just don’t bother to play by the typical rules.

    We can hope the three annoyed Republicans and the one really scared one (Collins) manage to vote in what might be their own interests against McConnell’s will, but don’t lay heavy bread on it.


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