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If you’re looking for an entertaining book or ebook for the readers on your gift list, here’s Tales From the Otherverse from Rough Edges Press. Fans of alternate histories will find plenty to like here. The stories are a blend of various historical milieus. I liked Bill Crider’s story best because Elvis plays a major role. Plenty of famous people show up in these stories, but in alternate circumstances. You can order or download Tales From the Otherverse from AMAZON for a pittance. Well worth it!
“The Battle of the Bands” by Scott A. Cupp
“Port Radium” by Lou Antonelli
“Mrs. Lincoln’s Dinner Party” by Cheryl Pierson
“The Assassinations of President Broussard” by Keith West
“Books Burning Brightly in the Night” by Robert E. Vardeman
“A Wisp of Memory” by John Hegenberger
“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” by Bill Crider
“The Great Steamer Riot of 1936” by Scott Dennis Parker
“The Alexandria County Library Book Sale” by Richard Prosch
“The Hero of Deadwood” by James Reasoner

19 thoughts on “TALES FROM THE OTHERVERSE Edited By James Reasoner

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I thought I had already bought it – Bill’s name on the cover was enough for me – but it’s hard sometimes to keep up with the hundreds of things I have on the Kindle.

    Nope, 351 books but not that. I’ll download it now.

    1. george Post author

      Prashant, AMAZON Video in the United States has been showing the mini-series THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE based on the Philip K. Dick novel where Germany and Japan win World War II. I watched the first episode online and liked it. I hope to view the rest of the episodes now that I’m on vacation!

  2. Richard R.

    I’ve tried various alt. history novels and stories, including HIGH CASTLE and some of Harry Turtledove’s work, but never could get comfortable with it. Somehow alternate history always feels gimmicky to me.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Yes, I have 351 Kindle books (a few are Jackie’s but most are mine) – about half are mysteries – but my “real” book collection is dwarfed by George’s.


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