The Concrete Blonde (1994) was the first Michael Connelly mystery I ever read. Harry Bosch, a Lieutenant in the Los Angles Homicide Division, is on trial for his actions during the Dollmaker investigation. The Dollmaker was a serial killer who killed women and then applied makeup to the corpses making them look like dolls. Bosch shot and killed a naked, unarmed man who evidence later showed was the Dollmaker. But, the man’s family is suing for damages.

An anonymous note leads the police to another body buried beneath concrete. It looks like the work of the Dollmaker. But, the time of death is AFTER Bosch killed the prime suspect. Bosch investigates this new development which leads into LA’s porno industry. The dramatic tension between Bosch’s trial and his investigation proves compelling. Are you a fan of Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch? GRADE: B+

16 thoughts on “THE CONCRETE BLONDE By Michael Connelly

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    I am a big fan of Connelly. I have read every one of his books , many more than once. He has a nice clear writing style which makes his books easy to get into. I group him with writers such as Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Philip Kerr, Robert Charles Wilson, Daryl Gregory and a few others whose books go directly to the top of my tbr pile.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Have not read any of them. I think I may have listened to a non=Bosch on audio years ago. However, I loved the series on Amazon.

  3. Maggie mason

    I’ve been a fan of Connelly since the beginning. I remember his first book had a blue band around it for a rebate if you didn’t like it. I figured they were safe with that.

    I find that now I prefer the Lincoln Lawyer series, though.

    Last summer during the big house clean out, I found a birth announcement for his daughter. I mentioned it to him at Bouchercon, and he smiled and said she’s in college now. How time flies.

    Maybe some day I’ll be able to watch the amazon series. I really want to see it, but am tech challenged

  4. Bill Crider

    I like the ones I’ve read quite a bit. Also liked the two Lincoln Lawyer books I read. Haven’t read anywhere near all of them yet.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    Absolutely. I’ve read all the Bosch books and most of the others. There was only one I can remember that I couldn’t get through, and I was very disappointed with the ending of THE POET, where I thought he added one twist too many, Otherwise, he’s definitely in my top three Must Read authors.

    I believe the first season of BOSCH on Amazon Prime used THE CONCRETE BLONDE as part of the basis for the storyline,

    Good choice.

  6. Michael Padgett

    I’ve been reading Connelly from the beginning, and his consistency is astonishing. His most recent novel, “The Late Show”, introduces a new character, Renee Ballard, and it’s apparently the beginning of a new series. The Bosch series on Amazon is definitely worth watching, with the second season being a real standout. Titus Welliver is just perfect as Bosch.

  7. Roy Hovey

    Well I take no personal credit because I’m sure multitudes of people told him the same thing about The Concrete Blonde (and he may have already imagined the Mickey Haller books in his head). I told Michael at Bruce’s store long ago that after reading The Concrete Blonde, I thought the significant portion of it dedicated to courtroom schtick was better than any of the writing of the many others I’d read who specialized in courtroom/legal mysteries. A few years down the road, The Lincoln Lawyer appeared. To each his own — I enjoyed The Concrete Blonde and The Poet as much or more than any of his other work, though it’s all consistently top-drawer, for so many years now.

  8. Kent Morgan

    I have read every Connelly book including the latest, The Late Show., and I have never been disappointed. Along with Ian Rankin, C. J. Box and William Kent Krueger, he is a writer I read as soon as a new book comes out.


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