Here’s another bargain ($1.00!) from that Library Book Sale I attended over the weekend: a Double Feature of social collapse (perhaps anticipating what will happen if Trump wins a Second Term). The Road Warrior is an Australian film directed by George Miller that is set in a Post-Apocalypse world where everyone is fighting for scarce resources like gasoline…and food. A small community of survivors is attacked by a thuggish gang. Mad Max (aka, Mel Gibson) uses his fighting skills and strategy to help them defend their outpost. I liked this movie back in 1981 and I like it today. GRADE: A

I’m less enthusiastic about Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome which showed up in the U.S. in 1985. Despite the astonishing performance of Tina Turner in this film, I thought the gladiatorial battle sequences became tiresome. GRADE: B

Are you a fan of the Mad Max movies? Do you have a favorite?


      1. george Post author

        Rick, I think a lot of people will wake up when the Economy craters because of these stupid Trade Wars! And, maybe a real war with Iran.

      2. wolf

        Re trade wars:
        I follow US politics, manly reading NYT, Atlantic, NPR and The NewYorker and saw today from Borowitz a Trump parody:
        Don’t buy Chinese stuff – buy from Walmart!
        My wife and I had a good laugh because she remembers very well the shelves of Walmart, filled with cheap Chinese plastic stuff in garish colours …

      3. Cap'n Bob

        I’m wide awake and if you think Hitlery would have been a better president you’re kidding yourself I’m not saying Trump is great, but next to her he’s a choir boy!

  1. wolf

    Anything with Tina Turner in it is my favourite! 🙂
    A bit OT:
    I saw her just once in concert in Frankfurt in 1985 on the Private Dancer Tour,absolutely fantastic!
    I bought all her records …
    Supported by Bryan Adams I think – or was it David Bowie?
    I just don’t remember, seems I’m getting old …
    Here’s the setlist:
    Now I’m almost sure it wa Bowie: Tonight …

  2. Steve Oerkfitz

    Hard to pick a favorite. Beyond Thunderdome is by far the weakest of the 4. Probably would go with The Road Warrior. Followed by Fury Road than Mad Max.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    I agree on THUNDERDOME. I liked the original MAD MAX, but THE ROAD WARRIOR is my favorite.


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