If you’re a fan of The Wizard of Oz this incredible 75th Anniversary limited collector’s edition needs to be part of your collection. Bursting with extras, this set includes:
-Sing-a-long feature with the film
-Complete Magic Cloak of Oz silent shorts (60 min)
-All-New Feature Length Documentary The Making of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
-The Dreamer of Oz TV Special (101 min)
-Munchkins at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Featurette (20 min)
-Patchwork Girl of Oz (60 min)
-6 hr. MGM Documentary When the Lion Roars (exclusive to Blu-Ray)
Exclusive Promotional Items:
-52 pg Hardcover Photo Book
-Ruby Slippers Sparkle Globe
-Collectible Award Pin Set by The Noble Collection
-Frameable Map of Oz
Amazon exclusive Promotional Item:
-4 GB “Wicked Witch of the East” flash drive
It doesn’t get much better than this! And this set would make a great present for that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative!


  1. Sergio (Tipping My Fedora)

    DREAMER of course was written by the late, great Richard Matheson so is a really worthwhile bonus. I have now bought this film on VHS, Laser Disc (the huge, super duper white box), DVD and Blu-ray – I’m not sure I can quite face this to be honest though if I had a 3D Blu-ray playter that might sway me I guess and I would like to see the new ‘making of’, though it seems a shame that this has replaced the older one with Angela Lansbury that I like a good deal.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Sounds good, but to be honest we rarely watch the “extras” on these packages so will stick to the plain old WIZARD we have.

  3. Patti Abbott

    I remember my kids reading every one of the books and making huge maps of Oz. So much richer a text than the TEENAGE MUTANTS, that my grandson loves.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Patti, when we moved to Brooklyn when I was 10 I discovered our landlord’s kids had the entire set of the Oz books in hardback in the basement and read through all of them in short order. Now I have them on the Kindle though I haven’t tried to reread any of them yet.

    Some day.

  5. Richard

    I loved the OZ books as a kid, the ones by Frank Baum and by Ruth Plumley Thompson (Captain Salt of OZ was a favorite). I had them read to me, then later read them myself. Wonderful.

    I saw the movie on television, the black and white version. It didn’t seem to have a lot to do with the book, was mainly a character piece written around Garland and her singing. Too many problems to even go into for someone who loved the actual books about the actual OZ as written. Anyway, a pretty rotten movie as far as I’m concerned, just another case of Hollywood messing up a terrific book, or series of them, in this case. I wouldn’t rent it, let alone buy it, and this batch of hokum is just plain ridiculous. Does anyone really, seriously think this thing is “collectable” in the sense that it will appreciate in value or be desirable to other “collectors” in years to come? Really? This is just a try for profit on something that’s mostly already played out.

  6. George Kelley

    Rick, never underestimate the power of nostalgia. Many people love the movie version of THE WIZARD OF OZ and all the extras in this package will prove irresistible to them. Like you, I prefer the books.


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