Tower Heist is a comic caper movie. The Tower is an exclusive New York City condominium where Ben Stiller is the Manager. When their most prosperous resident, penthouse owner Alan Alda (a Bernie Maddoff-like swindler), loses the retirement funds Stiller and his staff trusted him with, Stiller decides to steal the money back. Yes, the plot becomes silly and you’ll have to swallow two or three major coincidences to follow the caper to its conclusion. Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Michael Peña, and Casey Affleck make up the heist team. Tea Leoni steals scenes as an FBI agent. GRADE: B-

13 thoughts on “TOWER HEIST

  1. Drongo

    When I first heard of TOWER HEIST and realized it was indeed a caper/heist film, I thought, hmm, bet George Kelley is going to see and review this one. Glad you liked it.

    Although one can be a bit dubious about Brett Ratner’s directorial talent, he certainly has given some entertaining interviews lately.

  2. Rattzi

    I would say this movie was OK its worth the watch at least but I cant sit here and gush about it. I wasnt found of the ending …. its like some where through out the movie they ran out of juice and just decided …. ok lets just do this Watch Tower Heist Online


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