Diane was reading one of her favorite magazines, Real Simple, when she came across an article that recommended Turkey Hill Belgian Style Chocolate Ice Cream. The next time Diane was shopping at Wegmans, she checked out the ice cream section and found Turkey Hill Belgian Style Chocolate Ice Cream. She brought it home and we sampled it.

It you like smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream, you’ll love Turkey Hill Belgian Style Chocolate Ice Cream. Very yummy! Are you a fan of ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor? GRADE: A


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    I love ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite but I don’t care much for the creamier kind. I’m also fond of Black Cherry and Strawberry. Vanilla if I can put chocolate syrup on it. Unfortunately being diabetic I don’t eat ice cream very often. And the kind with no sugar added doesn’t taste quite right. Never tried this brand although I have seen it at Kroger.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, all good tasting ice cream seems to come with carbohydrates. I eat Chocolate ice cream about once a week…with nuts!

  2. Michael Padgett

    My superpower is not being addicted to sweets so I rarely eat ice cream. It’s not surprising, then, that I’ve never heard of this particular brand.

    1. george Post author

      Michael, Turkey Hill is a very popular ice cream around here. They feature about a dozen different flavors in our local grocery stores.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Nah, don’t like it at all – ha!

    Of course, Jackie is an ice cream fanatic. Any flavor with chocolate, preferably with a coconut flavor to go with it is her choice. As a kid I was a straight vanilla fan. Now I am much more flexible. We tend to get a cup with two flavors when we get ice cream, one chocolate and one other – coconut, peanut butter, butter pecan, a caramel flavor – anything that blends together.

    For a while we got Turkey Hill, then Jackie switched to Edy’s (Dreyers in other areas), particularly the Slow Churned. But we do not keep “real” ice cream at home any more, just things like Skinny Cow or Enlightened that are under 100 calories a bar. Don’t you have to watch the sugar intake?

      1. Rick Robinson

        My insurance company just stopped accepting the Invocana coupon I was given by the manufacturer. So I had to stop taking it, as the cost went from $0/month to $380/month. Big Pharma, Big Insurance SUCK! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!

      2. Todd Mason

        My insurance also dropped Invokana…there are some concerns about side effects, though I suspect the insurance company’s concern is about paying that differential, with the skirts of the side effects to hide behind.

        I like the Enlightened low-sugar Peanut Butter Fudge a Whole Lot–the pb swirl is excellent (they make a non-dairy version as well, which is almost as good). Rebel Peanut Butter Chocolate takes the opposite tack (peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips) but it’s currently #2 in my estimation and patronage…and has even lower sugar. For only a scrap more sugar, Dreyer’s Cab Smart, usually Nepolitan Chocolate/Strawberry/Vanilla, but the vanilla by itself is also excellent, the chocolate also nearly as good.

  4. wolf

    Here in Europe we have Langnese and Mövenpick as main brands – of course Hagen Dazs too but they are at least three times as expensive!
    My wife likes “real” vanilla, can’t eat too much chocolate.
    My favourite is of course Black Forest mix – mainly chocolate with cherrieseg) and other fruits (raspberries, red and black currants) and at least in the original recipe a shot of cherry liquor like in the Black Forest cake.
    Right now we have almost 35 degrees Celsius (that’s 95 Fahrenheit) so an ice cream is a welcome coolant …

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      wolf, my wife loves Black Forest cake and I know she would love that ice cream. She loves anything with cherries.

      1. Todd Mason

        Nope, that whole warming thing is just the libtards and the scitards trying to push the poor defenseless captains of industrial pollution around.

  5. maggie mason

    I love ice cream, but rarely have straight chocolate as for some reason it’s not “refreshing enough”

    I like vanilla swirled with chocolate fudge and caramel or butterscotch (or both). choc or caramel syrup is also nice

    Don’t like nuts in ice cream (or much of anything, just plain), and while I like coconut flavor, the texture is not appealing to me. I can take or leave whipped cream.

    I also like sherbet (which I have NEVER pronounced correctly) orange or lime is my favorite, sadly don’t see strawberry. Also like frozen yogurt.

    agree on diet things, not nearly the same, though there was one brand a while ago that was ok, now gone

    1. george Post author

      Maggie, Diane loves frozen custard. We’re lucky that we have a couple of elite custard establishments in our area. We took Jeff and Jackie Meyerson to Hibbards in Lewiston, NY., one of our favorite places for yummy custard. I stick with chocolate while Diane prefers Black Raspberry.

      1. maggie mason

        I have heard of turkey hill, but not sure it’s available here It may have been at grocery outlet (discount nationwide chain). I’ve seen umqua there

  6. Jerry House

    George, you are an evil person for posting this! I love ice cream but am trying to lose the extra weight I put on over the past four months of self-isolation. And now you post this to tempt me! Get thee behind me, Satan!

    1. wolf

      Jerry, I feel with you, happened to many people here too.
      We were kind of lucky, moved houses at the end of February so of course there was a lot to do – deciding on what furniture to put where, organising the garage and the “summer kitchen” which actually is just a kind of storage shed.
      And after that my wife started to fill the empty gardden (a few thousand square feet …) with plants and trees of all kind.
      And then it got so hot that we had to water everything every day – some things twice!
      So even if we didn’t get out much we moved around a lot …
      George’s question “forced” me to get several variants of ice cream this morning at the store – six scones each of vanilla, triple choc, macadamia …
      When granddaughter coems back on the weekend she’ll tell us which is her favourite – and I have to eat the other stuff, poor me …

  7. Jeff Smith

    Ann has long been lactose intolerant, and I just recently have become. It doesn’t stop us from eating ice cream, though; we take Lact-aid tablets with each bowl. We have Turkey Hill here, though I prefer Edy’s. But since we don’t buy it all the time, we generally spend the money on Haagen-Dasz or Ben & Jerry’s. Our favorite is Cherry Garcia (which someone once called “the perfect name for the perfect food”). I love fudge ripple, which not many people make any more. Our last pint was simple Haagen-Dasz chocolate, which was delicious.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, I’m a big fan of Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars, too. When Diane and I used to travel to Toronto to see a play, Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars were sold at the Intermission. Now we buy them by the box full at BJ’s Warehouse.


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