VIZIO 29” 2.0 Sound Bar | SB2920-D6

About a month ago, I purchased a Samsung TV for our computer room. I like to have MORNING JOE or CNBC on in the background while I’m working on the computer. But, as we all know, the sound of flat screen TVs is tinny and weak. The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article on sound bars. They loved the Polk Command Bar ($300) and the new SONOS Beam ($400). But I was attracted to their review of the VIZIO 29″ 2.0 SOUND BAR. It lists for $99 but you can order it from AMAZON for $75. It’s perfect for a TV you occasional use. You’ll want better sound for your main 4K HDTV, perhaps a surround sound system. But, for TV in a guest room or computer room, the VIZIO 2.0 SOUND BAR improves the sound at a bargain price! You can read the Wall Street Journal article here. GRADE: B+

12 thoughts on “VIZIO 29” 2.0 Sound Bar | SB2920-D6

      1. Jeff Meyerson

        Nice! Congratulations to her. Welcome to the joys and agonies of home ownership.

      2. george Post author

        Jeff, Katie’s been in Boston for 10 years (hard to believe!) and I’ve told her she needs to stop paying rent. Interest rates are going up so buying a condo now makes Good Sense. Katie will be building equity. I worked on Art Scott (with the help of Ellen Nehr) for years before Art finally bought a house in the 1990s. Now, he’s glad he did with the insane prices of California real estate!

  1. J. Padrig Kelly

    Stubbled across your Vizio review while researching Vizio 5.1 soundbar. My aging ears need a good center channel. Surround channels can be distracting – football games, live performances,- still like to have Surround for movie viewing. Naturally, would like good stereo performance for Classical, R&B, Beatles, Dillon, The Dukes…. Am I asking too much? WSJ indicates surround systems can be tweaked for dialogue. The wife would never allow a full blown system, (good luck with 40,000 books). Trying to be unobtrusive and “petit”. Am I asking too much? Are you satisfied with your 2.0 center channel (dialogue)?

    1. george Post author

      J., I think the VIZIO 29″ 2.0 Sound Bar is an affordable solution for improved sound. Order it from AMAZON, try it out, and if you don’t like it just send it back.

    1. george Post author

      Bob, I flip back and forth between Joe & Mika on MSNBC and CNBC (have to check my stocks daily). On my Spectrum cable system, they’re only one channel apart.


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