WONDERLAND Edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane

Wonderland: An Anthology of Works Inspired By Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland offers a diverse mix of stories based on Lewis Carroll’s classic. I enjoyed Genevieve Cogman’s “The White Queen’s Pawn.” I’m a fan of Cogman’s Invisible Library series so I appreciated her off-beat approach to Alice’s Wonderland. Jonathan Green’s clever “The Hunting of the Jabberwock” blends elements of Lewis Carroll’s universe with a tricky scam. I’m reading George Mann’s Newbury and Hobbs steam-punk mysteries so I was intrigued by his approach to Wonderland in “About Time” where reality is fluid. L. I. McKinney’s “What Makes a Monster” dabbles in the Dark Side of Wonderland. Events spin out of control in “The White Queen’s Dictum” by James Lovegrove. If you’re looking of an off-beat anthology of surprising stories, give Wonderland a try. Do you have a favorite Wonderland character? GRADE: B
INTRODUCTION by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane 1
“Alice in Armor’ by Jane Yolen 5
‘Wonders Never Cease’ by Robert Shearman 9
‘There Were No Birds to Fly’ by M.R. Carey 35
‘The White Queen’s Pawn’ by Genevieve Cogman 57
‘Dream Girl’ by Cavan Scott 73
‘Good Dog, Alice!’ by Juliet Marillier 97
‘The Hunting of the Jabberwock’ by Jonathan Green 117
‘About Time’ by George Mann 143
‘Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em’ by Angela Slatter 161
‘Vanished Summer Glory’ by Rio Youers 189
‘Black Kitty’ by Catriona Ward 207
‘The Night Parade’ by Laura Mauro 221
‘What Makes a Monster’ by L.L. McKinney 243
‘The White Queen’s Dictum’ by James Lovegrove 267
‘Temp Work’ by Lilith Saintcrow 281
‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ by Alison Littlewood 299
‘How I Comes To Be the Treacle Queen’ by Cat Rambo 317
‘Six Impossible Things’ by Mark Chadbourn 329
‘Revolution in Wonder’ by Jane Yolen 351
About the Authors 353
About the Editors 361
Acknowledgements 365

12 thoughts on “WONDERLAND Edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane

  1. Cap'n Bob

    Looks like an estrogen heavy volume! I like Tweedledum! Tweedledee is a jerk, but Tweedledum is bitchin’!


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