Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott shocked fans (and just about everyone else) by benching quarterback Tyrod Taylor and announcing rookie QB Nate Peterman would start against the LA Chargers. The Bills are 4-point underdogs. Tyrod Taylor is taking a hit, but the Bills defense has given up 34 points to the Jets and 47 points to the Saints in the past two weeks. Clearly, Sean McDermott felt he “had to make a Change.” However, starting a rookie QB could go south in a hurry. Risky business! How will your favorite NFL team perform today?


  1. Jeff Meyerson


    That is hollow laughter, as the 1-8 Giants will be getting their clocks cleaned by the Chiefs in the Meadowlands. The rain is ending but there will be 50 mph wind gusts this afternoon, as temperatures drop from 59 (at 7 am) to the 40s (but feel like the 30s), but I don’t think that will help the hapless locals.

    I think the Jets are off, so we are getting the Bills-Chargers game at 4, as well as Oakland-New England.

  2. Deb

    The Bills’ defense is porous, so the coach changes the…quarterback? Yeah, makes all kinda sense.

    The 7-2 Saints takes on the 4-5 Redskins in the Superdome today. The Who-Dat Nation hopes the teams that has won seven games in a row will show up and not the hapless bumblers who started the season 0-2.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, Bills fans are scratching their heads at the quarterback change. It looks like a move of desperation. The Washington Redskins are an up and down team. But, the Saint should win this one.

  3. Maggie mason

    I’m hoping the Pack can pull off another win without Rodgers. Also rooting for the Saints and the Bills.

    A side note about the LA Judases (meaning the chargers, though the rams also fit that description)

    In 2014 a bunch of soldiers in Afghanistan took a picture with the American flag, and a chargers banner. Most of the soldiers were holding the banner or behind it, but there was one soldier lying down in front of both the flag and the banner, the bottom of the banner said San Diego. Fast fwd to this year when the chargers wanted to show “military appreciation” when they chopped off the bottom of the flag and banner (to get rid of the San Diego portion of the banner), and in doing so also but out one solder.

    The photographer is mad as they didn’t ask his permission to alter the picture. Also mad because it removed one GI and disrespected the flag and San Diego. The team countered with citing their long history of supporting the troops (valid) and saying it shouldn’t have been cropped. I wonder why they didn’t have any other pix to put up, maybe they have been too busy trying to get fans in LA to support the troops. We have so many military facilities here, from the hospitals, to camp pendleton and MCRD as well as multiple navy installations, they could have easily had another photo op.

    I hope the spanos family looses everything in their quest for nfl fame.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    The Packers are being shut out. The Saints are losing at home. And the Giants have held the 6-3 Chiefs to a 9-9 score, with overtime imminent.

    I still expect them to lose.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, Drew Brees is the QB you want in control at the end of a game (and OVERTIME!). Congratulations on a Big Win. Meanwhile, the Bills have reverted to type: mediocre 5-5.

      1. Maggie mason

        Brees was treated badly by the chargers and went on to prove himself much better than they were. Same thing happened with Alex Smith and the Niners though sorry the chiefs lost.

        I guess I’m naive thinking a team should be loyal to a player who gets injured

  5. Cap'n Bob

    Not watching! Will check all the scores later! Seahawks play Monday night but probably won’t see it, either! With Sherman and Chancellor out, as well as some starting lineman, the Seahawks have a tough road ahead!

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    Congrats, Deb.

    I can’t believe the Bills threw this rookie out there and let him throw FIVE in in the first half, which apparently has never been done before.


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