The Buffalo Bills (13-3) are hosting their first home Playoff Game in 25 years. The Bills’ opponent, the Indianapolis Colts (11-5), feature the rookie running phenom, Jonathan Taylor. The Colts are led by Philip Rivers who has enough in his tank to bring Indianapolis a Playoff berth. The Bills are 6 1/2 point favorites, but this could be a close game.

LA Rams vs. Settle Seahawks game looks like an easy pick with the Rams QB, Jared Goff, recovering from thumb surgery. I’m going with Rick and Cap’n Bob’s team, the Seahawks, despite being the 3 1/2 point favorite.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington looks like another yawner with the Buccaneers favored by 8 points. Washington’s QB Alex Smith is injured, but projected to play. I think this will be an easy win for Tom Brady and the Bucs. Who do you think will win today?


  1. Deb

    I’m with you: Bills, Seahawks, and Bucs. All should be pretty good games—although the Bucs game may be a runaway. Of course, I await tomorrow and the Saints-Bears matchup.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, I’m waiting to see if any of these Playoff teams report more Covid-19 cases. That’s the real wild card in this Super Wild Card Weekend! Go Saints!

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Go, Bills! Philip Rivers has never won a cold weather game and I don’t think it will happen today. The Seahawks should win handily, but it could be more interesting (i.e. closer) than the other two games. Brady should have an easy time with the NotRedskins.

    Break out the wings!

      1. george Post author

        Jeff, I was surprised the Seattle Seahawks looked so lethargic in a home Playoff Game. The Rams have two damaged QBs so we’ll have to see who they start next week.

  3. Michael Padgett

    Today kicks off an orgy of football, culminating in the CFP Monday night, although I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be much interest in college football in these parts. I’m into college football the entire season but tend not to get much interested in the NFL until the post-season.

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      OK, so if Pittsburgh wins tomorrow, they play the Bills. If, somehow, Cleveland wins, then the Bills play the Tennessee-Baltimore winner.

    2. george Post author

      Jeff, I’m hoping the Bills don’t have another nail-biter game like this in the Playoffs! My heart is still pumping frantically!


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