MURDER FOR TWO, A MUSICAL By Kellan Blair & Joe Kinosian

Murder for Two is a hilarious musical with a mystery plot. Famous mystery writer Arthur Whitney is murdered and the motive seems to be the secrets that were to be exposed in Whitney’s new book, All Them Bananas. Philip Farugia plays “The Detective” who has a very checkered past. Joseph Donohue III plays “The Suspects” including Whitney’s wife, Dahlia Whitney, Whitney’s neighbors, Whitney’s psychiatrist, a beautiful ballerina, a boys chorus, Whitney’s niece, and a fireman. Donohue projects the antic energy of Robin Williams as he cycles through the menagerie of kooky characters. Farugia tries to project confidence during the murder investigation, but he’s dogged by his Past. Both actors take turns playing the piano and singing some silly lyrics. If you’re in the mood for a mashup of a mystery and a screwball comedy, Murder for Two is your ticket. GRADE: B+
1. “Prelude”
2. “Waiting in the Dark”
3. “Protocol Says”
4. “Dahlia Whitney”
5. “A Perfectly Lovely Surprise”
6. “Murray & Barb Flandon”
7. “It Was Her”
8. Timmy, Yonkers, & Skid
9. “A Lot Woise”
10. “Steph Whitney”
11. “He Needs a Partner”
12. “Barrette Lewis”
13. “So What if I Did?”
14. “A Friend Like You”
15. “Henry Vivaldi”
16. “Process of Elimination”
17. “Steppin’ Out of the Shadows”
18. “Finale (I Need a Partner / Protocol Says)”
19. “Finale Ultimo (A Friend Like You)”

10 thoughts on “MURDER FOR TWO, A MUSICAL By Kellan Blair & Joe Kinosian

    1. george Post author

      Steve, you’d have to be in the mood for some silly fun to enjoy MURDER FOR TWO. Seeing one actor play a dozen different roles is amazing! The same multiple role actor scheme was used in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder to great effect!

    1. george Post author

      Dan, the two actors who delivered all the laughs in MURDER FOR TWO were exceptional. The quality of a musical like this depends heavily on the cast.

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    You’re right about the multiple roles. A lot of the kick you get in THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS is from a few people playing multiple roles.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, that’s the beauty of having a really good actor perform all dozen roles. I knew instantly which character he was by the body language and the voice.


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