Back when I taught at the College, I was covered by a Cadillac Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plan. And, one of the benefits was that when I needed a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine to treat my sleep apnea, BC/BS bought it for me. About every 5-7 years, they would contact me and say, “It’s time for a new CPAP machine” even though the CPAPs I had were working fine.

That’s how I ended up with three working CPAP breathing machines in my closet. Then, with the coronavirus pandemic raging in my county, I called Memorial Hospital (who is treating Covid-19 patients) in Niagara Falls, NY and spoke to the Head of the Respiratory Unit. “I’d like to donate three CPAP machines to you, ” I offered. “We have three patients who could use them right now,” she answered.

So I loaded the three CPAP machines into my Rogue and drove to Memorial Hospital. When I got there, I was I greeted by a nurse wearing a mask, gown, and gloves. She had a small cart. I opened the hatch of the Rogue and she took out the CPAPs and carted them away.

A local business in Western NY has a contract to convert CPAP and BiPAP machines into ventilators. Check out the link below. I glad I had some equipment that I could donate for the Greater Good!

17 thoughts on “MY CPAP DONATION

  1. wolf

    George, another good deed!
    Though the machines need to be sterilised of course.
    I’ve been on CPAP too for almost 20 years, but my first machine got a problem and the (used) second machine I kept as iron reserve in Hungary. Since almost 15 years I’v used a Sleepcube without any problems, doesn’t even need service, just new filters.
    My breathing mask ha alwayss been a Resmed, it’s exchanged yearly.
    I’ve also told many of my older friends about the good side of this, there are so many people with respiratory problems …

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, the top CPAP I pictured on today’s post is a Healthdyne which was built like a tank! It was my first CPAP and noisy…but very reliable! I just changed the filter and it ran and ran for years. I’m hoping to get a new CPAP mask when the Stay-at-Home order is lifted.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Nice one. I thought pf you yesterday when I read that BiPAP story. Good that you kept them and they can be put to good use. See, we hoarders accumulators are the smart ones after all!

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, I tried to donate those three CPAP machines to the local Sleep Apnea Association. They weren’t interested. So, they sat in the closet until this coronavirus crisis. Now, local hospitals are eager to accept CPAP machines as the number of COVID-19 patients increase.

  3. Patti Abbott

    It will just have to be money from me. So hard to know where to donate first. And this situation will continue for a long time, I fear.

    1. george Post author

      Patti, my worst fear is that Trump will rush opening the Economy. Then, the coronavirus will hit us again, and we’ll have to repeat this Stay-at-Home for many more months. And, of course, more people will die.

  4. maggie mason

    Good for you. You’ve done a lot of good in this crisis.

    I’m actually leaving the house today to donate a bunch of food to a food/blood drive. I’d love to donate blood, as I have a fairly rare type, but my veins collapse. I’ve tried several times over the years, but it never works.

    While out, I’m going to stop at a new shop, specializing in banana pudding. They opened in mid march, during what was to be Left Coast Crime, and I found the article yesterday, called and they are open, so will stop by after the drive by food donation.

      1. maggie mason

        No I can’t donate blood I’ve tried since I have a fairly rare type, but my veins collapse. When I was in the reserves, when they were doing aids testing among other things, I had to have the blood drawn over 2 days.

        When I had kidney stones, and they did IV’s they had a problem with the veins, having to use tops on hands, and near my ankles.

        I just took a (new) garbage bag of food like cereal pasta, etc. No one was at the blood draw stations and they had probably gotten 3-4 bags like mine for the food drop off, but I was there only an hour after it started

    1. george Post author

      Beth, I’m happy to help during these difficult times. And, the positive point of using CPAPs with these coronavirus patients is that you don’t have to intubate them like you have to do if you put them on a ventilator.

  5. Cap'n Bob Napier

    I take my old junk to Goodwill! I’ve had the same CPAP machine for a good 30 years but replaced the mask and hose once! I can’t remember the last time I used it, but it’s been at least a decade! I lost a lot of weight since the turn of the century so I’m not sure I need it as badly as I did, although I still snore like an avalanche!


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