SPACE PIONEERS Edited by Hank Davis & Christopher Ruocchio

I’ve been a big fan of Hank Davis’s Science Fiction anthologies over the years. Just in time for the Holiday Season, BAEN Books released Space Pioneers, an anthology with just about something for every readers’ taste. In typical Hank Davis fashion, the mix of stories blends Oldies with some newer stories like David Drake’s “Superweapon” (2018). I especially enjoyed Ross Rocklynne’s “Quietus” and Manly Wade Wellman’s “Men Against the Stars.” If you’re in the mood for an entertaining theme anthology, I recommend Space Pioneers. GRADE: A

You might also enjoy Hank Davis’s seasonal anthologies, A Cosmic Christmas Volumes 1 & 2. You can read my review of these two fine volumes here.

16 thoughts on “SPACE PIONEERS Edited by Hank Davis & Christopher Ruocchio

  1. Jerry House

    Some pretty good authors here…Anderson, Niven, Brown, Leinster, Simak, Gunn, Sturgeon, “del Ray”…the Heinlein is a pretty minor tale. I recently reread Hamilton’s “What’s It Like Our There?” and remained impressed. And I have fond memories of the Pournelle.

    Another collection for me to be on the lookout for, George the Tempter; darn you!

    1. george Post author

      Jerry, yesterday I tempted Dan with VIOLENCE IS MY BUSINESS/TURN LEFT FOR MURDER and today I’m tempting you with SPACE PIONEERS. My tempting work is done for now.

  2. Rick Robinson

    I read this one a couple of months ago, and found many stories to like, among them the Heinlein, which has long been a favorite (sorry, Jerry). As I said on my blog about another anthology, I think that Sturgeon is weird.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, I tend to agree with you on Sturgeon. His early work in ASTOUNDING was fairly conventional, but his later stories morphed into strangeness.

  3. Steve Oerkfitz

    A mixed bag. A lot I never read or don’t remember. I do like the Simak, Hamilton and Sturgeon( sorry Rick ). Not a fan of Pournelle or del Rey. A very minor Heinlein. At least Davis doesn’t overload his anthologies with Baen hacks like Larry Correia.

  4. wolf

    Really good authors which will always be in my memory even if I forgot many of the stories.
    Theodore Sturgeon I found especially fascinating – his kind of “crazy” (or weird …) stories, not some predictable rockets and planets …

      1. wolf

        George, I don’t know who of us has more stories by Sturgeon – I just looked it up:
        6 novels and 15 collections.
        But there are more in my list of wanted books – though they might be just reissues.

  5. Carl V. Anderson

    That looks like a fun one, I will have to pick it up.

    I’ve read most, though not all, of the authors in the collection. I know I’ve read the Heinlein story, and I believe I’ve read the Leinster, but the rest will be new to me.

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