SURFACE TO AIR By Gerard de Villiers

Surface to Air is Malko Linge novel by the prolific GĂ©rard de Villiers. It concerns a carpet merchant from New York City whose family in the Pakistan has been killed by a U.S. drone strike. The carpet merchant wants revenge so he contacts jihadists. Then he shares his plan with the jihadists: he wants to shoot down Air Force One with President Obama in it. But, in order to pull off this scheme of revenge, the carpet merchant needs an Igla-S–a sophisticated Russian surface-to-air missile. Since many Russian weapons find their way onto the Black Market, the jihadists agree to acquire one.

Complications occur as the FBI decides to aid the carpet merchant’s mission in order to lure the jihadists into a trap. But, much of the mission will take place in Russia where the FBI is supposed to defer to the CIA. Bureaucratic infighting ensues. The CIA brings in their favorite contract agent, Malko Linge, who nearly dies as he’s ambushed by Russian elements. If you’re a fan of spy novels with action, you’ll find a lot to like with Surface to Air. For my reviews of other Malko novels, check out Checkpoint Charlie here, Chaos in Kabul here, Madmen of Benghazi here, and Revenge of the Kremlin here. GRADE: B

6 thoughts on “SURFACE TO AIR By Gerard de Villiers

    1. george Post author

      Patti, Phil would have enjoyed SURFACE TO AIR. Plenty of action! De Villiers had contacts within many governments so many of his books are based on actual events.

  1. maggie mason

    This is off topic, but I don’t have a way to reach many of you. A nurse posted this about vaccines. I guess it’s important to know which one you get.

    Alert from Dr. Fauci (who suddenly looks 20 years younger). Just in case you’re wondering about those two shot vaccines -Pfizer and Moderna. We need to do our very best to get the shots 21 days +-4 days apart. We need to also do our very best to get the shot from the same company. Whoever gives you the shot should give you a card with the info about date, company and lot number. If not, ask for it and write it down yourself.
    Here’s the caveat: If we’re still having massive trouble getting vaccines out, in the last resort you can use the other producer’s vaccine. But only last resort. And that’s only good for these two vaccines-Pfizer and Moderna. They’re completely different than the other vaccines. You can also wait up to 6 weeks. As a last resort. #vaccinerecommends

    1. george Post author

      Maggie, thanks for the information. Diane and I are signed up for our second Covid-19 shot next month. Hopefully, Rite Aid will have the vaccine when we show up.


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