If you’re in the mood for silly fun and wacky humor, The LEGO Batman Movie supplies plenty of both. Commissioner James Gordon retires and his beautiful redheaded daughter, Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), takes his place. Barbara is not a supporter of Batman’s vigilante justice. She wants to work as a “team.” Meanwhile, in a moment of distraction, Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett), agrees to adopt orphan Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) who soon turns into Robin. The Joker and a dozen DC villains, threaten to destroy Gotham. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, writers and directors of the original The LEGO Movie co-produced this film. Yes, there’s plenty of silliness and humor as Batman is forced to work with others to save his city against his loner inclinations. If you’re a fan of Batman and DC villains, you’re in for a treat with this movie. Be prepared to laugh! GRADE: B+

12 thoughts on “THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve seen an amazing number of promos and tie-ins for this one. I won’t pay money to see it but it looks a lot lighter and more fun than the recent real Batman movies!

  2. Patti Abbott

    Wow. You beat my grandson to it! We saw I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, which was about as different as two movies can be. White Guilt–I will die from it.

  3. maggie mason

    I enjoyed the Lego movie, so I’ll catch this at some time. I also liked John Wick, so will catch the sequel. I’ve had a cold all this month, so haven’t been to a movie (don’t want my coughing & sneezing to disturb the 10 or less people that are usually in the theater at the time I go)


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