I posted a review of Elsa Hart’s first mystery, Jade Dragon Mountain, here. Steve Oerkfitz commented that Elsa Hart had a sequel published, The White Mirror, so I ordered it, too. Like Jade Dragon Mountain, The White Mirror features travelling librarian, Li Du. His caravan is slowed by bad weather and it detours to a hidden valley. There, Li Du discovers a dead monk at an old wooden bridge. Someone has painted a white mirror on his body. While the caravan is stalled due to the worsening weather, Li Du investigates the monk’s death. Li Du concludes the monk was murdered…but why? Once again, Elsa Hart brings 18th Century China to life. If you’re a fan of Robert Van Gulik’s Judge Dee mysteries, you’ll enjoy Li Du solving his puzzles. GRADE: B+

8 thoughts on “THE WHITE MIRROR By Elsa Hart

      1. george Post author

        Rick, I read the paperback editions of the Judge Dee mysteries back in the Sixties. I’ve reread them a couple of times since when I came across the University of Chicago editions.

  1. Rick Robinson

    I know this will come as a shock, but I’M REALLY, REALLY SICK OF POLITICS just now.

    Barbara says we need to keep up with what’s going on, and I could agree with that if much of it even made any sense!

    1. george Post author

      Rick, we’re suffering from Chaos fatigue. We’ve cut back on the number of news programs we usually watch. We can only take so much nonsense!


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