If you had a star like Michelle Williams in your film, wouldn’t you give her something to do? Director Ruben Fleischer, more interested in the alien Symbiote who calls itself Venom, reduces Michelle Williams’s role to “girlfriend” of Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy plays the edgy San Francisco investigative reporter, Eddie Brock, who is obsessed with telling the Story. When Brock antagonizes billionaire industrialist Carlton Drake (Aiz Ahmed)–a darker shade of Elon Musk–his TV network fires him. Brock is just scraping by when one of Carlton Drake’s scientists, Dr. Skirth (Jenny Slate), tells him that Drake is feeding people to alien organisms. Dr. Kirth smuggles Brock into the secret lab where the aliens are being kept and…Brock gets infected. And dangerous.

Carlton Drake wants his alien returned so he sends a small army to bring Brock and the Symbiote back. Plenty of havoc, chases, and violence result. Venom isn’t in the league of The Avengers: Infinity War but Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams do their best to make this movie entertaining. GRADE: B-

12 thoughts on “VENOM (3D)

  1. maggie Mason

    I was confused by the tv ads for this, and your review makes it clear about what is going on. Not sure it’s for me, though I like Tom Hardy. He’s played lots of different and interesting roles

  2. Steve Oerkfitz

    The reviews have not been very good. I’ll probably see it anyway. Not much else opening this weekend other than this and A Star is Born which I don’t have much interest in although it has to be better than the Streisand version.

  3. Rick Robinson

    Can’t imagine why you went to see this, I doubt you’re the target audience for it. As for Williams, if that’s her role and she as an actress accepted it, I guess you should too.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, I heard an interview with Michelle Williams where she admitted that she was accepting more “commercial” roles instead of the independent film roles she’s known for. Williams performs her role as girlfriend in VENOM. But, if I was the Director and had a wonderful actress like Michelle Williams in my movie, I’d provide her a more challenging role. Almost any 30-something actress could have performed as Tom Hardy’s girlfriend without breaking a sweat.

      1. Steve Oerkfitz

        According to Tom Hardy they cut 40 minutes out of the finished film. They could be scenes that allow more character development.

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